Our Five Point Strategy..

Return on Investment - Without it there is no reason to own real estate. Our management is based on the principal of maximizing your earnings. Through hands on tenant selection, a focus on tenant satisfaction, and the ability to assess and improve the property over time. Reliant Property Management views your end return as its pre-eminent goal.

Competition - Our structure, by design, focuses on a low overhead, efficient approach to managing your investment. Maintenance, upkeep, and general work, in and around your units will be contracted on a competitive basis. To provide our clients with the highest level of service at a competitive value we will use trusted, licensed contractors selected by a competitive bid process.

Discounts - We understand economies of scale, and as a result recognize they make our work more efficient. If you own a multi-unit complex or a have a large portfolio of properties to manage ask us about our tiered management pricing.

Transparency - Perhaps the most fundamental principal of our business is our focus and desire to offer you, the Owner absolute clarity on how your property is managed and how your assets are dispersed. Our web based platform – ReliantPropertyManagement.com & WeRentBG.com Offer both Owners and Tenants alike real time information. Owners can access real time data regarding rent rolls, property vacancies, and historical income data at any time via their Reliant Property Management online Account. Likewise, Tenants can use their WeRentBG.com account to submit and track maintenance requests or pay rent all on their own time.

Advertising - It is stated more than 70% of Renters start their search for a home online. WeRentBG.com will allow us to effectively and efficiently target prospective tenants online, with an array of visual tools, 3-Dimensional floor plans and a creative display of vital property details. We believe in effective mediums such as print and paper when necessary, but will work diligently to utilize other efficient practices such as CraigsList and Facebook to interact and showcase available properties at no incurable cost.


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